Conundrums of Language

Since cultural sensitivity is a common trait of the circles in which I run, I'm careful about what I say in public. (Ha ha ha ha, seriously...ha ha ha ha, no, no, I'm serious...ha ha ha ha ha!)

So when I saw Michael DeAntonio's repeated use of the word "midget" in his most recent Bamboo Nation post ("101 Reasons Why 'Lord of the Rings' Sucks"), I was immediately put on high alert because I do believe "midget" is a derogatory term for little people. (I learned that on The Celebrity Apprentice—don't ask.)

But I let Michael's post slide because he was referring not to real little people but to Hobbits.

So: is the term "midget" offensive when it's applied to fictional creatures from a fictional place called "Middle-earth"? Or does political correctness transcend realities?

Oh, the complicated issues we face every day here on Bamboo Nation!


  1. Have you ever watched "tiny people porn"?


    But I bet we've all watched "midget porn".

  2. I've also written another post that uses the term.

    Read Reason #67: Kanye West Isn't In The Film

  3. But I bet we've all watched "midget porn"


  4. the term midget is derogatory towards Hobbits!! Hobbits deserve to be referred to by their proper name, HOBBITS (halflings is also acceptable).

  5. So, Prince, you'll watch regular people have sex, but midgets are what? Disgusting? Someone they disgust you that you would never even consider watching them have sex the way you enjoy watching other people have sex?

    And, no, I don't watch midget porn to fulfill some kinky fetish. I watch it for the same reasons you watch Asian porn- to get my rocks off.

  6. I guess "midget" is not offensive but watching them do that kinky stuff is another story and another thing.

  7. I do not watch any of the types of porn you mention, Michael.

    It's all about plushies!