Dancing Baby

Posted by Soleil McNeill
ON Friday, September 25, 2009
I know it's gonna make me sound bad, but, if there's one thing that has always boggled my mind, it's why on earth babies are considered cute. When I see babies, I hear fingernails on a chalkboard...you know what I'm saying? I'M SORRY. I'll take a naked mole rat over a baby, any day. Naked mole rats are cute. Zac Efron is cute. Dancing babies...? You be the judge. Watch:

[Thanks to The Bilerico Project.]
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  1. Beyonce is warping that poor child's precious little mind


  2. You hate babies or you can't have babies because your uterus hates you?


  3. Oh, I didn't say I *hate* babies. I have *held* babies. I just do not, for the life of me, get the whole "adorable" thing. (Littles, on the other hand - they can be cute.)


  4. xtine Said,

    that shit is cute!


  5. Editor Said,

    Okay, human babies are not ostensibly cuter than furry babies (i.e., kittens, puppies, etc.) but this baby is pretty f-ing cute. And I'm sorry--but he/she has GREAT rhythm.


  6. I tend to recoil at babies too, but this shit IS cute. A white baby with rhythm? It's a miracle!


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