That Moment When Your Penis Falls Out During Soccer

Guys cheer at a random men's soccer game.

Since I don't know anything about sports (hell-ooooo!), I wasn't aware that soccer players don't wear anything underneath their shorts. Or at least the guy in the following clip doesn't. That's why, in the heat of battle, his man-spear slips out and starts flopping around like a rainbow flag on a windy day. This is probably not safe for work, but, oh, it's worth the risk of getting fired to see it right now. Watch:

You're welcome.

Update 02.17.17:

Speaking of gay soccer ;-) I am reminded of the entertaining 2004 German comedy, Guys & Balls, which is about a gay soccer team facing off against a bunch of homophobes. Read my review of Guys and Balls here.

Also, Rudo y Cursi may not be about gay soccer players, but scorching-hot Latino superstars Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal are in it, which makes it gay enough for me! Read my review of Rudo y Cursi here.

And if real-life gay soccer is what you want, you might be interested in the story of Robbie Rogers, who came out of the closet at the height of his career and risked everything.

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  1. The double take by the player in white is priceless. Sort of like, "is that a penis, yup, that's a penis." That could end horribly though. Best to keep the meat and two veg well protected when playing soccer. Getting spiked there is just too disturbing to even think about.

  2. I'm no expert in soccer, but I think most guys in the pro ranks (all ranks for that matter) wear some sort of compression shorts, or at least underwear, under the shorts.

  3. Where can I sign up?! Are they holding auditions anywhere?

  4. I seen these kind of things live. Heh.

  5. If this is typical in soccer matches, then I'm going to start watching sports more.

  6. Anonymous9/07/2011

    yes i will watch soccer if dicks fall out nice dick i saved it so i can look at it

  7. Anonymous9/07/2011

    that happened to me playing soccer my jock strap broke so i played without it. i got knocked down at the side lines and my dick fell out right in front of some ladies

  8. Anonymous4/09/2013

    My dick fell out twice once when I forgot to wear boxers and the other was like the comment above my jockstrap broke bc a grabby mid fielder kept holding me back but it's fine bc my teammates got to see my big cock hahahahaa but my friend even said he was impressed