Emasculation Nation

Re: Extract. Let's get a few things out of the way first:

This movie is fucking funny. I haven't laughed this hard and this consistently in a long time, and the pot-smoking scene sent me into convulsions.

Jason Bateman does that thing that he does (that thing, you know, that he perfected in Arrested Development) and makes it look so effortless, while Ben Affleck reminds us of how disarmingly hilarious he can be.

While I like filmmaker Mike Judge's cult classic, Office Space, well enough (I don't revere it as much as others), I thought that Idiocracy was even better and Extract is a delightfully logical progression of Judge's vision of an illogical world.

That said, the most interesting thing about Extract is this:

While the ads might have you believe that the movie is about a working man going through various midlife crises, Extract is really about how women have men by the balls—figuratively and literally. A wife suffocates her husband's nuts by withholding sex; a female con artist snake-charms men's cocks in order to swindle them; and a factory worker accidentally causes—but nonetheless causes—the destruction of a man's actual testicles.

I do wonder how the film's dark view of women plays to women (any redeeming moments for the film's females are fleeting), but I do know that I take pleasure in and laugh at the woes you straight people go through. Suckers.

See in theaters: Extract.

See on DVD, etc.: Idiocracy.

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