I Used to Talk to People

Remember my riveting podcast, which also went by the title "Bamboo Nation"? You kind of miss it, don't you?

Well, I will be making a Very Special Announcement a little bit later in the week.

But in case you want to reacquaint yourself with Bamboo Nation: The Podcast or if you missed an episode or if this is the first you're hearing about it (WHAT?!), now is as good a time as any to check out the really entertaining artist interviews I conducted. I was listening to some of these old episodes, and, damn, I'm good at this! It's a talent that I actually forgot I had, so excuse me if I come off a little smug. I'm just happy that I did a good job, and my interviewees had a chance to really shine.

So, for some stimulating talk, funny segues, and amusing anecdotes, visit the Bamboo Nation: The Podcast site or get episodes off of iTunes (subscribe, rate, and review, bitches!). Here's a handy list of really stellar episodes (expertly re-edited to come in at about a half hour each) that are currently available:

The Myke Weiskopf Episode features musician, sound artist, and Science Park frontman, Myke Weiskopf .

The Scott Heim Episode features the author of the novels We Disappear, In Awe, and Mysterious Skin.

The Ken Narasaki & Doris Baizley Episode features the playwrights of The Mikado Project.

The Josh Randall Episode features one of the stars of NBC's beloved series, Ed.

The Rickerby Hinds Episode features a pioneer in the hip-hop theater movement.

The Michael Lowenthal Episode features the author of the novels, Charity Girl, Avoidance, and The Same Embrace.

The Noel Alumit Episode features the author of the novels, Talking to the Moon and Letters to Montgomery Clift.

If you dig this back catalog enough, I may roll out some more past episodes that are currently unavailable. Enjoy!

Visit Bamboo Nation: The Podcast.


  1. Just listened to you and Ken and Dorie. It was the schizel!

  2. I think that means something good. Kids today and their hip-hop slang!

  3. I'm starting with the ones featuring novelists, just to piss you off.

  4. I love novelists! (I just don't read their work!)