Senile Talking Cat

Posted by Soleil McNeill
ON Monday, September 21, 2009
Have you ever had something really important to say, but the person you're talking to just doesn't seem to care? Perhaps you can relate to "Senile Talking Cat!" (For increased viewing pleasure, watch this video with your soon-to-be-very-perplexed dog.) Watch:

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  1. The hell was that?

    Also, the black cat looks scared. I would to.


  2. Anonymous Said,

    I admired the black-and-white cat for standing his/ her ground under pressure. S/he saw the orange cat's screeching for what it was--rhetoric plain and simple, nothing but puffery and scare tactics. Well played, Sylvester!


  3. Pork Chop would've smacked the shit out of that bitch!


  4. Marisela Said,

    was that cat possessed?


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