Smoking Crack = No Pizza!

I once had a friend who wanted to make a movie about a Little Crack Girl. But the authorities (i.e., his producers) insisted that eight years old was not only too young for an actress to even pretend to smoke crack, but they felt it was unrealistic (ha!) and unpalatable (um, probably). Upon seeing the following video, however, I think the producers just didn't want to compete with what's already been done so well. Holy moly; just watch:

[Thanks to Gabriel Fleming.]


  1. Oh yeah? I heard about a guy who smoked crack and STILL got to eat pizza. These lies and misinformation have to stop. Crack is good for you AND your family, as long as you don't step on it (and break your mother's back.)

  2. Brandon, drug addicts are not allowed to comment. Get off this board.