Bamboo Nation Readers, Why So Quiet?

After reading Michael DeAntonio's desperate cry for attention, I noticed how reader comments have been rather light around here lately. Why is everyone so quiet all of a sudden? I know you're still visiting Bamboo Nation as voraciously as you ever have (my stat monitors tell me so), but, for some reason, the comments section has seen a slight decline. Don't you realize that my entire self-worth rises and falls in direct proportion to the frequency and quantity of comments that get posted here?

Click on the "Top Commenters" tab in the sidebar—do you see how few comments it actually takes for your name to make it onto that glorious list? You may never win the Nobel Peace Prize, but being a "Top Commenter" on Bamboo Nation is a very real possibility, a possibility that could very well change the course of your life.

(As for my current Top Commenters, hugs and kisses and you have won your way into heaven. Did you know it would be that easy? And look at the accompanying photo—did you know that's what heaven looks like?)


  1. Never knew heaven could be so cute.

  2. you must not be writing anything worth commenting on.

    that's gotta sting.

    oh and thanks for the CDs.

  3. I reacted to Mike's post much like I would a Glenn Beck rant, with total indifference. There is simply too much noise in this world to pay any attention to the people screaming "look at me!"

    And oh yeah, I'm now the Number 2 top commenter. I'm coming after you Superbadfriend! When I get to Number 1, I will claim Orangedotstickbutt as my prize.

  4. Superbadfriend, John is talking smack!

    The Big Picture, ah, but EVERYTHING on here is worthy. YOU know that. Hope you enjoy the CDs.

  5. Well, I am just going to keep commenting. I won't let you win this John!


  6. Ooh, John just burned me. And, indifferent or not, you're still talking about me.

    Oooh. Bite on that.

  7. Anonymous10/14/2009

    There has been a dearth of Porkchop videos for quite some time. Therefore, your blog is now pointless.

  8. Pork Chop refuses to give in to such blase notions as "public demand."