Buy This Album: Brandon Patton's "Underhill Downs"; It's Better Than Gay Underwear!

An underwear manufacturer that specializes in marketing campaigns targeted at gay men offered to send me a product sample at no cost to me, which surely means that I have reached a level of power and influence that most can only dream of. I mean, how amazing is that? People want to send me free gay underwear!

But then again, people are constantly sending me free things, for a variety of reasons—sometimes it's out of friendship, sometimes it's a love overture, sometimes it crosses into stalker territory. When Brandon Patton, my dear friend and Jukebox Stories collaborator, ships me stuff, I know it's for all three of these reasons.

One whole month before its official release, Brandon sent me Underhill Downs, his sophomore solo album, a CD that I had been waiting to come out for five motherfucking years. Who the fuck does he think he is? Leonard Motherfucking Cohen?

You see, my passionate love of Brandon's debut solo album, Should Confusion, is how we first met. I blogged about the album long ago and touted it on my website at one point. Because Brandon is as obsessive as I am about making sure he knows anytime anybody says anything about him on the Internet, he found my glowing endorsements and tracked me down and the rest is history.

Underhill Downs was worth the wait. While Should Confusion is an alternately melancholy and peppy blend of different music genres (Jukebox Stories-goers are surprised to find out, I'm sure, that Brandon is much more than a man with a lone acoustic guitar), the new album wears its indie-rock aspirations on its sleeve. But Patton once again cannot resist tinkering with style, making sure each track has its own distinct sound and paying special attention to texture and layers.

I'll have Brandon himself describe it a bit:

Underhill Downs features 21 guest performers and more than 20 different instruments: acoustic, electric, and midi guitars, upright and electric bass, violin, viola, cello, drum machines and computer programs, rhodes, synthesizers, trumpet, saxophone, vibraphone, a variety of hand percussion, drumsets, farm implements, piano, zither, and melodica.

I have many favorite songs on Underhill Downs, but let me share the playful "Rockets" with you because Brandon has made that available as a free MP3:

Listen to "Rockets" from Underhill Downs.

Wasn't that fucking awesome?! I'm sure you know what I want you to do right now:

Buy Underhill Downs by Brandon Patton.

Yes, it's better than gay underwear, and it will certainly last a lot longer.

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