Contest Winner! "GQ" Will Help You Stop Dressing Like a Douchebag!

In the comment section of Bamboo Nation's latest contest, an anonymous reader prayed with all his/her might that Will or Donovan would win the prize—a one-year subscription to GQ—presumably because the anonymous reader was sure that Will and Donovan were the two blog followers—out of hundreds, thousands even!—who most needed monthly fashion consultation.

Well, I randomly selected a name after throwing pieces of paper in a Nordstrom Rack bag, and the winner is...Jake! Will and Donovan are the unfortunate losers, but, through some stroke of pre-destiny, Jake happens to be Will's housemate and Donovan lives close by. The trio will now be able to read GQ together—in a cold, heterosexual fashion (even though Donovan didn't even enter the contest).

As for the other entrants, thanks for playing, but you all already look fabulous! (I stalk you on Facebook almost every day, so I know.)

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