Free Advice to the "Legalize Marijuana" Movement: Fire This Woman

After Loren, Robert, and I emerged from the Arclight in Hollywood after seeing the new Coen Brothers movie, A Serious Man, on Saturday, we stood outside for a while, discussing the film's strangely gratifying blend of serious spiritual contemplation and trademark offbeat humor.

We were approached by a thirtysomething woman with frazzled hair who was collecting signatures for her political cause, three makeshift clipboards in her hands. She stared at us for what seemed like a very long time. Weren't these political street team members supposed to dive immediately into their spiel to hook us?, we wondered.

The woman's eyes looked a bit vacant, and it seemed as if she was having trouble putting together a sentence. But finally:

WOMAN (with a tinge of aggression): Are you a registered voter in Los Angeles? California? Anything?!

PRINCE: Sure. What's up?

(The WOMAN looks at her clipboard. Looks at PRINCE. Looks at her clipboard. Looks at PRINCE. Tries to form a sentence again. Scrunches her eyebrows.)


(Unable to speak and looking defeated by her inability to communicate, she shoves the clipboard at PRINCE, as if to say, "I give up. Let's see if you, motherfucker, can make heads or tails of this." PRINCE looks at the document on the clipboard. It's a campaign to legalize marijuana in California. All the signature spaces are empty.)

PRINCE: Ohhhhhhhhhh.

(The WOMAN glares at PRINCE, as if to say, "Well?!")

PRINCE: I'm not gonna deal with this tonight.

(The WOMAN yanks back her clipboard. She looks seriously offended.)

WOMAN: Oh! So it's okay that cigarettes and alcohol are legal!

(The WOMAN walks away in a huff. Approaches a random couple.)

WOMAN: Oh! He thinks it's okay that cigarettes and alcohol are legal, but not marijuana! Oh!

(The WOMAN glares at PRINCE. She puts a cigarette in her mouth. Lights it. Puffs angrily.)

PRINCE (to LOREN and ROBERT): Oh my god. If there were ever a reason to not legalize marijuana, she's it.

ROBERT: That was the angriest pothead I've ever seen.

PRINCE: Isn't she supposed to be mellow? My god. If you're trying to gather signatures to legalize marijuana...

LOREN: ...make sure you're not high while you're doing it.

PRINCE: Man, she's like the poster child for not legalizing marijuana. I'm gonna have to rethink my stance on this.

(LOREN, ROBERT, and PRINCE walk away, laughing. The WOMAN continues to puff on her cigarette angrily.)


  1. I've actually found the people clipboarding for Legalize Marijuana not easygoing at all--a lot of them are really aggressive! And, living in Berkeley, I'm used to clipboarders and their tactics!

  2. the really mellow people are too relaxed to worry about campaigning for legalizing it

  3. They've got to get their act together and put fun-loving potheads on the streets--not the paranoid/delusional ones. It's common sense.

  4. I really think Marijuana should be legal for medicinal use in every state.

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