Jake & Will: You Can No Longer Ignore Them

Posted by Will
ON Thursday, October 15, 2009
Since I've been promoted to senior blogger here at Bamboo Nation, I figure it's high time I gave you a proper introduction. But rather than make you squint your eyes to read a paragraph of silly words, I will embed a video that will finally explain the mystery of Will and the Video Contest Warriors phenomenon. Watch:

[Will Blank is a Video Contest Warrior.]
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  1. Dorks.

    ...Wait a minute. That's intentional, right?


  2. do you guys have day jobs?


  3. John Said,

    A couple of weirdos hanging out at a playground filming themselves. Seriously, how did you NOT get arrested?


  4. Will Said,

    We have a mafia-like influence over Glendale and the surrounding communities.


  5. Your mafia-life influence is over Chicago too!

    John. Stop leaving comments already. Geez!



  6. Anonymous Said,

    get jobs.


  7. Somebody alert Amber!


  8. Will Said,

    Man, the readers of Bamboo Nation have really stepped it up! This is some active commenting!

    Glad the VCWs could bring some action to the table.


  9. Don't get too cocky, Will. The moment you do something as seemingly innocuous as take a dump on a city sidewalk, the public will turn on you faster than you can count to three.


  10. xtine Said,



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