Levi Johnston: "I Don't Have Anything to Hide"

There's been a lot of back and forth about whether or not Levi Johnston will reveal his man-spear in Playgirl or if he will chicken out and go with "tasteful" shots of his crotch area obscured by a bag of plums. People reports that full-frontal Levi is 90% sure, but Levi himself says on his Twitter feed, "IT's not confirm whether the shot will be full monty or not.. don't believe the hype...."

Well, I didn't get any definitive answers from Levi's Early Show interview this morning. He just repeated some of the salacious things he told Vanity Fair—like how Sarah Palin would often refer to her Down Syndrome baby by saying, "Where's my retarded baby?," around the house. Watch:

The rest of the interview will run Thursday, so maybe I'll have more substantial Levi Johnston/Playgirl news then.

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