Levi Johnston Threatens to Delete His Twitter Account; or: Noooooooooo!; or: Go Team Levi!

If you love Levi Johnston as much as I do (and how could you not?), you've been following everything he has to say on his Twitter account. Stuff like:

still not sure whether i'll do full monty - but I think i've said too much already - now can we keep the FAKE LEVI RUMORS to end- goodbye.05

T-Mobile Sidekicks they are starting 2 suck ass right now. No contacts for 3 straight days now. Not cool

Watching SNL. Drew Barrymore is hosting. MAN HOW OLD IS SHE LIKE- 40 NOW ?

Can I get a "" GO TEAM LEVI "" wave going on !!! i'm feeling kinda down


ohh hangovers are a $#%#

But apparently, he's sick of all the Internet trolls who try to bash him. On October 11, 2009, he wrote:

I will be deleting this account tomorrow- I'm tired of all the hate postings( im not political or in here for a cause just for fun )GOODBYE

Well, it looks like Levi's Twitter account is getting a stay of execution because he hasn't yanked it yet (as of this writing), which means I can continue functioning normally from day to day—at least for now.

I'm sure Levi visits Bamboo Nation from time to time (you know he's got a Google Alert going, just like everyone else), so for him I say, "GO TEAM LEVI!"

You'd better say it too. I don't like it when Levi threatens to keep his love away from me.

And for all you haters, you must read this passionate, astute article: "Levi Johnston Has Earned Every Bit of Fame He’s Received, and the Sooner You Accept That, the Sooner You and I Can Be Friends."


  1. TBP, you have to say it with more conviction.

  2. Go Team Levi! Show us your junk! Alaska may have the statistically smallest winkies in America according to an incredibly scientific survey by renowned research firm Manhunt, but don't let that get you down!

  3. Jterry, stop spreading lies!

    Levi, if you don't do the full monty, then you have to at least do a shot in wet underwear where we can at least see the outline!

  4. Prince, rest assured that when Levi's 15 minutes have expired, our great society will offer up another shiny fresh twink for your viewing pleasure. To paraphrase Wooderson from Dazed Confused, you'll get older and they'll stay the same age.

  5. Apparently Levi is preparing for his Playgirl shoot by hitting the gym and eating moose meat. Help me out here Prince, is "eating moose meat" a euphemism?