Pinky Goes Bat-Shit Crazy (or, Shall We Say, "Cat-Shit Crazy?")

If Pinky wants to get adopted into a good home, he should learn to go nuts off camera. Instead, he uses the spotlight to display loony behavior and eventually lunges at the reporter's inner thigh, causing him to release blood-curdling screams that ensure that Pinky will stay in the pound forever. Watch:


  1. Right in the peppercorns!

  2. Holy Moses. Pinky kicked his ass.

    Do NOT fuck with Pinky.

    Poor cats, they can completely freak, sometimes.

    Reminds me of the day I had a brilliant idea to give my 20 pound, fully clawed cat with the deceptively petite name, Zuzu, a bath in our condo.

    So, I was in my skivvies myself since I didn't want to get splashed. Which was a very bad idea, it turns out. Cats need things to "run up" like, tree bark, or pant legs, but trust me plain old skin really hurts.

    And let's just say that the sound of running water put Zuzu into her own "Pinky" frame of mind. I still have claw marks on my neck from that day.

  3. Oh, man, that man's scream makes me laugh every time. Why, oh, why do I delight in other people's pain?