Pork Chop Pumpkin Pie; or: Cat-o-Lantern!

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Friday, October 30, 2009
Louise on the Left bought Pork Chop a Halloween costume. And for the first time in his entire life, he hissed—HISSED!—at me while I was trying to put it on him. I dodged a few claws and somehow managed to get him to wear it—if only for a minute:

Louise also provided a lovely wig, but I'm going to have to try putting that on him another day when he's not so pissed at me.
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  1. Will Said,

    I love animals in costume.

    This is hilarious... especially with the backstory!


  2. louise Said,

    Poor Pork Chop!

    Please forgive me for turning you into a cat-o-lantern!

    Wait till you get to wear your pretty Brunhilda wig I sent with the pumpkin outfit! -- Meow!

    (Just give Pork Chop a good stiff cat-tini with tuna stuffed olive before you get that wig out.)


  3. John Said,

    I'm guessing the hissing was PC's way of telling you that nobody looks good in orange.


  4. But John, remember, I want to get orange pants!


  5. Mead Said,

    Darling! Especially the baleful expression on PC's face.....


  6. Peter Varvel Said,

    Well, obviously, PC is hetero and has absolutely no fun fashion sense, even for camp costumes.
    He may as well play football. You must be so disappointed as a parent.


  7. Pork Chop thinks irony is passe.


  8. Ashley Said,

    Hahahaha, I especially love that last shot of him. He looks like he's plotting ways to kill you and thinking, "Oh Gawd, how much longer to I have to wear this? Take the picture already."


  9. That last shot is classic Pork Chop. Completely submissive, but secretly plotting revenge.


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