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Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Friday, October 23, 2009
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  1. tim Said,

    I subscribe to your blog via RSS feed. Right below this picture, there's a Google Ad for "Pork Chop Recipes"!! ...May I borrow an onion and your cat?


  2. Katherine Said,

    haha, I have the same google ads in my feed.

    Pork Chop is looking quite handsome today :)


  3. Will Said,

    a pork chop stew would last for 3 weeks... at least :)


  4. John Said,

    What would a Pork Chop stew taste like? I'm guessing a rich mix of martinis and catnip.


  5. quin browne Said,

    he and sophie would have had such beautiful babies.


  6. John Said,

    Just because Pork Chop is gay doesn't mean he can't be a father. It's so backwards in California. Come to Massachusetts and I'll introduce you to some very nice two father families.

    And how do you know Pork Chop is gay?


  7. I know Pork Chop is gay because he keeps meowing about how fabulous he is.


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