Visit This Blog: Howard Who?

(A theater event at a restaurant. PRINCE and HOWARD greet.)

PRINCE: Howard, I'm glad you're blogging regularly again.

HOWARD: Really?

PRINCE: You wrote a great post the other day, "The Snobbery of Omission."

(HOWARD smiles.)

HOWARD: Thanks!

PRINCE: I almost linked to it on my blog, but I was too lazy.

(HOWARD continues smiling, but it's through his angry teeth.)


...Okay, okay, fine, I'll stop being lazy, and tell you to read some of Howard's recent work. I guess I feel guilty for promoting Levi Johnston so much and ignoring everybody else. (Can you blame me?)

Read "The Snobbery of Omission."

Read "10 Things I Love About David Bowie."

Read the whole damn blog.


  1. I always hate seeing posts with no comments. I read Howard's essay on the snobbery of omission and loved how he was able to identify something that was right under my nose but that I had never acknowledged. As for whether or not I think it's better to never see Star Wars... even if we all watch the same stuff, no two of us will ever experience it the same way. So from that standpoint, to be an omission snob isn't keeping a person pure, it's just cementing the fact that they're a snob.

  2. If you ever see Howard, point at him accusingly and scream, "The snobbery of omission!" It'll make him laugh every time.