Welcome New Contributors!

In addition to the entertaining posts you've been reading by Michael DeAntonio (who is fast becoming the #1 authority on me), Alan Goy (who thinks he knows what I need), and Soleil McNeill (who will actually be taking a little vacation from blogging), I'd like to announce the appointment of photographer extraordinaire Aaron Lee Fineman as a new contributor on Bamboo Nation. Aaron's work has appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, and this very blog—you may remember his election night photo of Obama supporters on the streets of New York or his photo of a high school student brandishing his rifle. Well, Aaron, who by the way was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, will be sharing some of his favorite photos—new and old—every Sunday. In the meantime, check out his rather extensive online portfolio for a stunning collection of work.

But wait! That's not all! Will Blank, video contest winner extraordinaire, who has joined me on my adventures at Disneyland, secret Weezer concerts, and elsewhere, will be coming on board too. He'll blog about viral videos, and, as one of Pork Chop's biggest fans, he's going to blog about Pork Chop from an outsider's perspective, whatever that means.

Again, I personally am not going anywhere and will keep on blogging regularly here, but my additional contributors will continue to make reading Bamboo Nation a richer experience. Enjoy!

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