"Where the Wild Things Are": Place Your Bets

I love that Arcade Fire song, "Wake Up," that's featured in the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are. I haven't seen the movie yet, and I'm unsure if I'm going to end up loving or hating it (I mean, after all, how did they create an entire movie out of a book that just 10 sentences long?!), but there's a fascinating interview with director Spike Jonze in this month's GQ.

Read "Spike Jonze Will Eat You Up."

And watch the music video for Arcade Fire's "Wake Up":

If I love Where the Wild Things Are, I'll rave about it next week. If I don't, I won't even mention it. That's how things tend to work on this blog—haven't you noticed?


  1. hmm. That song looks like it takes a lot of effort to play and sing.

    I may or may not see this film. Even though I love WWTA and big hairy muppets. I'll wait to see what Prince says.

    *off topic* For those of you who want to be terrified. Rent a foreign movie called, INSIDE. HOLY CRAP!

  2. I love Sendak, so it's going to be hard to win me over, but I also have been in love with the trailers for this film for a long time. I think the soundtrack sounds amazing. But, how to turn a book which is about 12 pages long into a whole movie without changing the context of the story? Remains to be seen. (Hopefully, this weekend)

    SupabadF -- Thanks for the tip on the scary flick! I love scary, but I hate gory...So, finding movies that meet this criteria is often challenging.
    This foreign flick sounds great. Will be sure to rent it. Thanks!

  3. LOUISE! Unfortunately, not only is it fantastically suspenseful, but that movie is way too gory. It may not be right for you. I will go through my list of awesome foreign flicks and send you an email.

  4. my bet is that it is dook!

  5. Unfortunately, the Arcade Fire song is only on the trailers (and not the movie soundtrack itself)

  6. Saw it. Thought it was beautiful. (But very dark and contemplative.) More later.