"Wild Things": Turn That Frown Upside Down

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, October 19, 2009

We speculated last week about how we would feel after we saw Where the Wild Things Are. So now that we've gone to the movie and contemplated it over the weekend like the sophisticated intellectuals that we are, what do we think?

Well, we thought it was awesome. It's unlike any kiddie flick we've seen in a while because it's less about embracing one's wild imagination and more a melancholy meditation on sadness, depression, loneliness, impermanence, and death. Yup, these Wild Things are beyond neurotic—they need to be heavily medicated.

I've read some reviews and other articles that claim that this is a children's movie for adults, as if to warn parents that they should keep their sons and daughters far away. But David Eggers and Spike Jonze's beautiful adaptation (from the super famous Maurice Sendak picture book) has a child's logic to it, and I think kids would get it on a level that adults don't expect them to. I mean, sure, don't bring your three-year-old, but I'm pretty sure that school-age children would dig it.

I'm curious to know if I'm right. I know I have some mother readers—what did your kids think? How young are they? Did they love it? Or did they have to cry themselves to sleep?
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  1. need to go see it. will report back


  2. Will Said,

    I would not bring my kid to that movie.


  3. Will Said,

    and btw I thought it was great.


  4. I'm surprised you liked it, Will. You were so prepared to hate it.


  5. Will Said,

    Yeah. It was a thousand times better than I expected it to be. And it definitely surprised me with how dark it was... while still maintaining the child-like qualities you mentioned. But ultimately the dark stuff is too dark for a kid under 11 or 12 years old.


  6. Will, I think if you look on the internet for public reaction to WTWTA, you'll find that parents are pretty split as to if their kids loved the movie or if their kids are too young for it. For example, check out the comments section on USA Today. Some parents were horrified and felt the movie was inappropriate for their children, some say their 3-years-olds thought it was great. Very intriguing.


  7. Maybe children over 8 can have a look at it .It mustn't be so horrible,right?


  8. mdeals Said,

    well, i am waiting for wild things..


  9. Louise Said,

    I'm so mad that I haven't had a chance to go, yet.

    No doubt my 12 year old can go with me...My 8 year old, who is scared of halloween decorations in Walgreens, will pass.

    What I'm waiting to pass, too, is this two week cold/flu thing making the rounds at home.

    I would have seen this on opening day if I wasn't juggling kleenex boxes around here.

    Maybe tonight I'll go after Pete gets back.

    You KNOW I've been dying to see this!

    That soundtrack is amazing even if the movie isn't.

    Will post as soon as I see it.


  10. Howard Ho Said,

    Really good movie. If I was a kid, this might scare me, but then again lots of kids movies (Harry Potter, Willa Wonka, etc.) might scare me.


  11. Wait wait wait. Howard actually LIKES something?


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