Your Friendly Neighborhood Penis-Microphone; Plus, Boobies on Boobies!

You know when you're jumping up and down on your bed and lip-syncing to Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and you grab a hair brush to use as a makeshift microphone to complete your vision of wild abandon? Well, do you know how passe hair brushes are? Next time, get hold of the nearest semi-erect penis and pretend-sing to your heart's content!

I got this idea in my head after receiving an e-mail from Bamboo Nation reader John H. (the guy who's won every single BN contest he's officially entered):

Lately, I've been enjoying SF band Girls new album appropriately titled Album. Lots of jangly guitars and one track that sounds exactly like a lost My Bloody Valentine track. Pitchfork actually gave it a good review which never happens. Here's a link to a video for their song "Lust for Life."

But he also provided a link to the triple-X version, complete with body parts you're not supposed to see, like penis-microphones and boobies.

Hey...wait a minute.... Why are those guys on the same bed together? And why are those girls on the same bed together? Is something queer going on here?! Do straight men not hang out in their underwear together and sing into each other's penises? Watch the probably not safe for work music video:


  1. That video is NUTS
    I strongly recommend checking out GIRLS. They're a lot of fun. That song is actually one of the weaker tracks on the album.

  2. They sound cool. I'm gonna stream the album on my Rhapsody. Thanks for the tip!