Did You "Yank" It Before They Yanked It?; or: Levi Johnston "Playgirl" Photos Leaked; or: Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!; or: Glory, Glory, Hole-lelujah!

The first set of pictures from Levi Johnston's already-infamous Playgirl photo shoot became available on the smut magazine's website on Friday night. (I mean, didn't you hear the angels sing?!) Almost immediately, bloggers began posting the naked (except for full-frontal) pictures—but within a matter of hours the hot pics were pulled, I presume, for copyright violation.

...But not before I saw them and committed them to memory by lingering on them the way a Buddhist monk concentrates on a single chant.

No, in this first set, you don't even get a tiny glimpse of his man-spear at all, but the photos are glorious nonetheless and a firm naked ass is nothing to poo-poo. (Hmm. Sloppy use of a phrase.)

Unfortunately, dear bloggers, I was not smart enough to download them onto my desktop and create a separate file for them, as well as back them up on a flash drive. (Or was I?) And nobody was kind enough to send me links to URLs that still have the photos tucked away and hidden, but easily accessible. (Or were they?) And there's no such person as a person who went to the effort of attaching all the pics in an e-mail and then sending them to me before it was too late. (Or is there?)

, don't bust me! All I did was post the shot above, which you made available to media outlets. I don't got nothin' else! (Or do I?)

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  1. I still think that after putting up with this dumbass for so long, we're at least entitled to see his penis.