Levi Johnston's Twitter Account Fake!; or: I've Been Duped!

In one of the most tragic twists in Bamboo Nation history, after I've been obsessively following the Twitter account of Levi Johnston for weeks now, it has just been reveled that that account is fake! The person who's been posting the sometimes sublime messages is an impostor, and the real live soon-to-be-completely-naked-for-Playgirl Levi Johnston is pissed. After Conan O'Brien featured William Shatner performing the fake Levi's Twitter messages as beat poetry a couple nights ago, the real Levi demanded an apology. Last night, Conan kind of said sorry. Watch:

I can't believe I've been duped! Again! And now how will I occupy my time?! This is the worst day ever!

[Thanks Bamboo Nation reader John for the alert.]


  1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Prince but all is not lost. At least you can still look forward to the public unveiling of Levi's Thrilla from Wasilla soon.

    Also, it's nice to see Michael DeAntonio resurface after several weeks away. It's almost like he has better things to do with his time these days than contribute to Bamboo Nation.


  2. John, I won't kill the messenger, but I can at least smack him around a little.

  3. Aw, yer such a sweet talker Prince.