They'll Get Down on You

Back when I was obsessing over boy bands in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I somehow missed the power and the magic of b4-4, a Canadian trio who holds the distinction of producing perhaps the single most disturbing music video of the era.

A black kid strolls through a rundown neighborhood; passes a depressing homeless man; finds a View-Master in a trash can; looks into the toy to see and hear creepily tanned boy band members serenading him about how "I will be the one to love and comfort you from now until the day you die"; gets transported into the View-Master and frolics on the beach and on a basketball court; eventually transforms into a pimp; and then gives the View-Master to the homeless man. Yup, this is your WTF for the week, especially the cringe-worthy chorus:

If you get down on me
I'll get down on you
I will do anything
That you want me to
It's a game of give and take
To make it through
So if you get down on me
I'll get down on you tonight


[Thanks to Gabriel Fleming.]


  1. those 3 guys look like increasingly poor quality clones of one another. Like they took the first guy, cloned him, then cloned the clone, and all the while each copy is getting worse and worse.

    Also, are they wearing life jackets?

    And is there supposed to be something more meaningful, or is the song really just saying "if you perform oral sex on me, I'll perform oral sex on you."?

  2. Rachael11/16/2009

    Hahaha!! This is the greatest thing ever! Why are they singing to a young boy? And oh, the lyrics! My favorite two were "I'll make you come......(over to my house)" and "no pressure to go all the way, there are lots of places we could go." Brilliant. Thanks for this one Prince, it really brightened my day.

  3. TBP, yes, this song really IS what it is. It's oral sex in lieu of orifice penetration.

    Rachael, I'm glad you "enjoyed" this. I didn't notice that other lyric until now. Thanks for pointing it out. Hilarious!

  4. OMG! Back at the ripe old age of 16, I had a Canadian internet boyfriend, and he totally sent me this song, and pointed out the "I'll make you come" line.

    Canadians are dirty.

  5. Those guys make me never want to have sex again.

  6. It's a Canadian thing. You don't understand.

  7. I have to wonder if the homeless man also gets transported to the beach and then back to pimpland.

  8. Brenton, it's common knowledge that if you stare into a View-Master long enough, you will turn into a pimp.