(A car. WILL drives. PRINCE in the passenger seat.)

WILL: I'm glad you could come.

PRINCE: Thanks for inviting me.

WILL: I know it's a long drive all the way down to Anaheim.

PRINCE: Well, it should be fun. What kind of planes do you think they'll have at this air show?

WILL: Air show?

PRINCE: What kind of tricks do you think they'll do at this air show?

WILL: We're not going to an air show.

PRINCE: What do you mean?

WILL: We're going to a hair show.

PRINCE: A hair show?

WILL: Yeah.

PRINCE: What the fuck is a hair show?


...I could continue to recreate our entire car ride to Anaheim, but just imagine a strange blend of Supercuts, Project Runway, and America's Best Dance Crew, and you'll start to get an idea of what happened Sunday night.

Above is a photo of Will on the dance floor as the hair style collection video he edited plays on three giant screens above him.


  1. Oh my god, if I found out that an air show was actually a hair show, I would be SO GRATEFUL AND EXCITED.

  2. You guys were in the OC and didn't call?!

    See if I ever ask Drake Bell if he likes older women, for YOU again, Prince!

    OR that stupid fruit question.

  3. Oh, Cheryl, you would've loved it. Lots of womyns with big hair.

    Louise, nobody from L.A. understands the geography of the rest of Southern California. We can't be bothered.