William Shatner Reinterprets Levi Johnston's Twitter Messages

Oh, oh, oh, when Prince talks about Levi Johnston's Twitter account, you ignore him! But when William Shatner performs Levi Johnston's Twitter posts as beat poetry, then you listen. Further proof that I am always ahead of the curve. Watch:

By the way, William Shatner has done this before with Sarah Palin.

[Update 11.05.09 @ 12:10 p.m.: Levi Johnston has locked his Twitter account! I can't view it any more! Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh! Heeeeeeeeeelp!]


  1. Pretty damn funny. The fat kids line was insightful, even.

  2. Prince, since Levi has locked down his Twitter, this is a great opportunity for you to reclaim your life. Think of all the time you won't waste following his every waking thought! If you're wondering how to kick, I recommend the movie Trainspotting which contains an excellent guide to quitting heroin cold turkey (which is pretty much the same thing). I gently offer this in friendship Prince. I'm worried about the dark places this obsession could take you. God forbid it should prevent you from carrying on Bamboo Nation. If it did, how am I supposed to occupy my time?

  3. Uh oh. Has Prince been following a fake Levi? Oh the humanity!


  4. God bless that boy and his penis.