"Christian Side Hug": It Was a Spoof!

After I posted the preposterous but nonetheless plausible video of the religious rap song, "Christian Side Hug," the folks over at Doodie Pants pointed out in the comments section that the abstinence-only tune was a spoof. What does it say about modern-day religion that a song so absurd can easily be believed to be true?

For the story behind the song, visit Doodie Pants.


  1. Spoof? Really?

    It sure didn't seem any different than the other preposterous things I see around here in the name of "Christian Rock."

    I wonder if they are just calling it a "spoof" now, because of all the press it got for being moronic.

  2. It's no more absurd than some of the silliness I was taught in Baptist Sunday School growing up. I remember one Sunday School teacher lecturing a roomful of 13 year olds on why the Smurfs were evil....something about Gargamel being a reference to the devil and Smurfette living in sin with a bunch of men. I died a little inside that morning.

  3. I feel like I've lost a little of my innocence. Not because I regularly give front hugs, but because the days of stumbling across something genuinely priceless on YouTube are gone.

  4. Thank god kitten cuteness doesn't need to be faked.

  5. I just can't believe it.

    I won't believe it.