A Conversation in the Kitchen

LOREN: I have a $250 gift certificate for Sur La Table!


LOREN: What should we get for the kitchen?

PRINCE: A snow cone machine!

LOREN: We're not getting a snow cone machine.

PRINCE: But I need a snow cone machine. I can't think of anything else that I would rather have.

LOREN: No, seriously, c'mon, what should we get? I narrowed it down to five things.

PRINCE: Why do you even ask me? You're gonna get what you want to get anyway, so it's pointless to pretend like I have a say in this.

LOREN: You do have a say in this...

PRINCE: Then let's get a snow cone machine!

LOREN: ...from the list of five things I've narrowed it down to.

PRINCE: A snow cone machine isn't on that list?

LOREN: We are not going to spend $250 on a snow cone machine.

PRINCE: It's not $250! It's a gift certificate! It's free!

LOREN: I'm getting a food processor.


  1. Boo. Snow cone machine would've been awesome!

  2. I'm going to have to side with Loren on this one. He made the right choice.

  3. It's not about practicality!

    It's about what will make Prince happy!

  4. I swear I've had the exact same conversation at my house. Guess which one I am. ;)

  5. while a snow cone machine would be totally awesome, a food processor is pretty damn handy. Good dilemma to have.

  6. Can't you make snow cones with a food processor?

  7. For $250 I could think of alot of grown up things to make me happy.

    Like a day with all my friends at a waterpark!

  8. Anonymous1/14/2010

    Prince, you are so frivolous!