Cute Asian Ukulele Boy Does The Beatles' "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

A cute Asian boy plays a ukulele and sings.

Because I was wowed by the Cute Asian Ukulele Boy who did an awesome cover of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours," I decided to do a bit of Internet research to learn more about him. After some digging, I found out that he's five years old and he's Japanese. On his YouTube page, his parent (I presume) wrote:

He and I started playing ukulele only one year ago.
We first learned the uke by watching a TV program (NHK).
The program lasted three months.

Well, guess what? That kid is more than a one-trick pony! Check him out doing an adorable cover of The Beatles' "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" a tie! Watch:

If that doesn't clobber you over the head with a sock full of cute, then see him jamming hard to "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Watch:

Both songs, of course, are from The Beatles' White Album, which indicates someone in that family has respectable musical tastes. And if you missed the aforementioned cover of "I'm Yours," you can check it out here.

Update 02.17.17:

All this boy's videos were posted seven years ago, and there has been no new content since then. Does anyone know what happened to him?

[Source: Louise on the Left.]

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  1. oh my god. First - this kid can actually rock on that ukelele. he's gonna be a pretty accomplished musician someday. Second - yeah that's pretty damn cute.

  2. I need him to live in my pocket, so I can impress my friends at parties. "Oh, that strumming? Here, let me show you!" Way better than buying a new dress for every soirée!

    My plan is a good plan. Kids like eating pocket lint, and restaurant mints, right?

  3. Yeah, you know, this kid would be great to bring to parties to steal thunder from that guy who annoys everybody by casually picking up the guitar in the corner and strumming Elvis Costello--badly.

  4. Anonymous12/18/2009

    Yeah, but who is he? Does his mysterious 35 year old no-avatar "presumed parent" keep him in a closet, or what? He should be producing DVDs for children. He's a natural, though he may need a little speech help (especially with English!).

  5. Anonymous1/19/2010


    looks pretty happy to me. and he's like 5 or something and your criticizing the fact that he can't speak english. do you have any idea how ridiculous that is. (sigh) some people.

  6. Anonymous2/07/2010

    stop being ridiculous people! he's japanese! how can u expect a 5 year old to speak english well while majority of the japanese people speak english with heavy accents?

  7. Anonymous6/25/2010

    why does he learn to speak english? does everyone need to speak english to survive?

  8. Anonymous3/25/2015

    I believe in all my years I have never seen such a sweeter and impressively talented child. His fame could continue, I would love to see him develop.
    I was dismayed about negative connotations with regard to his speech. He is perfect... As an American person who speaks Mandarin, English and Spanish; people need to realize English is the least common.
    Hooray for you Little Guy. To his parents; I just love watching his expressiveness. Thank you for posting him.