MC Lars Raps "That's CPR"

Believe it or not, many years ago I was certified in CPR and trained in first aid because I worked at a preschool. These days, if you collapsed in front of me, I wouldn't remember the first thing about keeping you alive. Yup, you're screwed. And dead. So, it was with great interest that I visited the American Heart Association's Be the Beat website, which Joanne worked on and which MC Lars wrote a rap for. A rap about CPR. A rap that could very well save your life if you're around me and your heart long as I remember the lyrics. Watch:

Visit Be the Beat.


  1. Rachael1/01/2010


  2. That is dope.

    People say 'dope' still, right?

  3. Rachael, yesssss!

    Michael, no.