Me vs. Steve Urkel; or: The Twitter Debate Resolved

There has been much heated debate here about the efficacy and the douchebag factor of Twitter, particularly around the issue of whether or not I should start tweeting, but I certainly realize that it's a medium that cannot be ignored. Everybody with even a cursory understanding of contemporary PR and marketing sings Twitter's praises, with a fanatical zeal almost as intense as my obsession with Levi Johnston's johnson.

So, I have set up a Twitter account, and I have decided that I will, as I wrote in my first and only tweet, "start posting here regularly the moment I acquire more followers than Urkel--you know, Jaleel White on 'Family Matters.' (He's at 522.)"

You know I'm serious.

So, if this is of interest to you, here is my Twitter page.

But, honestly, if you're not interested, don't follow. I'm only going to do it if people actually want such a thing from me in that particular medium. Otherwise, keep rockin' Bamboo Nation by itself, and allow me to not turn into a douchebag, which I will become if I hit the 523 mark. Oh, the things I do for you.


  1. I'm all for you on Twitter. I'll follow you.

  2. I'm a Twitter hold-out. The more I hear NPR reporters geeking out about some Twitter story, and the more I hear people over fifty talk about how organizations should use Twitter to spread the word about their cause, the deeper my Twitter contrarianism runs. I remain loyal to the old-fashioned blog.

  3. I should clarify that I won't stop blogging for Twitter--Twitter would just be yet another thing I do to appease the masses.... :)

  4. well, the spam twitter person found you, so, you have officially arrived!!

    i'll follow you... return the favour and you'll be treated to my daily flash fiction produced in 140 characters.

    i didn't say it was good, i said you can read it...