Pork Chop's 15-Week Weight-Loss Challenge: Week #1

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, December 14, 2009

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Pork Chop's Weight Last Week:
20.1 pounds

Pork Chop's Target Weight This Week (Week #1):
19.7 pounds

Pork Chop's Ideal Weight After 15 Weeks:
15 pounds


We've just completed Pork Chop's first full week on his new diet, and here's where Pork Chop's 15-Week Weight-Loss Challenge gets really exciting. Will Pork Chop end up being "the biggest loser?"

In the mornings, he gets fed a blend of his favorite dry cat food, Hill's Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Food...

...and Nutro Max Cat Indoor Weight Control Adult Cat Food.

This particular type of Science Diet dry food is very good for Pork Chop because of the hefty size of the kibble. The bits are big enough that he has to bite down on them and chew before swallowing.

There are other kinds of Science Diet food and other brands that have small-sized kibble, which Pork Chop will swallow whole, like he was a damn whale or something. We like him to bite and chew. Biting and chewing your food is good.

In the evenings, Pork Chop has been trying out different flavors of Soulistic wet cat food. As I mentioned in my previous post, when we've experimented with wet food in the past, Pork Chop would only lick the gravy. Well, there are some Soulistic flavors that drive him nuts with pleasure, and he will dig into the meat like the carnivore he is. He loves Double Happiness Tuna & Crab Surimi and Celestial Feast Sardines & Tuna. We tried another brand too and discovered that he doesn't like beef so much. Anyway, we're still cycling through flavors, so we'll have a more comprehensive list of his likes and dislikes in the future.

So at the end of Pork Chop's first full week on this challenge, it was time for the weigh-in. I made sure to do the weigh-in after he had taken a dump, just to give him a slight advantage. Now remember, he started out at 20.1 pounds, and this week his goal weight was 19.7 pounds.

We put Pork Chop on the scale, and he weighed...

20.0 pounds!

He was short of his goal by 0.3 pounds. But can we all acknowledge that he did manage to lose 0.1 pounds, which translates to 1.6 whole ounces? (Come to think of it, that poo he made looks like it weighs 1.6 ounces. Hmmmmm....)


Pork Chop's Weight Last Week:
20.1 pounds

Pork Chop's Target Weight This Week (Week #1):
19.7 pounds

Pork Chop's Actual Weight This Week
(Week #1):
20.0 pounds

Pork Chop's Target Weight Next Week:
19.4 pounds

Pork Chop's Ideal Weight After 15 Weeks:
15 pounds
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  1. wjackalope Said,

    I was planning on starting my 15 week weight loss challenge on tuesday but I didn't have time to go the gym and weigh myself that day. Then I got a cold and didn't go to the gym again all week. I should be going this afternoon so I can weigh in and officially get started on losing 5 pounds. I guess I'll be doing a 14 week weight loss challenge.


  2. John Said,

    The cat pictured on the Science Diet bag looks like Pork Chop. Has he leveraged his fame into endorsement deals already?

    And do us all a favor, please don't start weighing PC's poo. At least not unless it's of noteworthy heft.


  3. Hey, John, if Wjackalope doesn't drop the pounds, I'm going to start photographing Pork Chop's poo.


  4. quin browne Said,

    "Biting and chewing your food is good."

    now you tell me. i have to totally retrain myself on how to eat.



  5. wjackalope Said,

    ok so I went the the gym. Now they don't have one of those fancy digital scales so I can't do exact weights to the decimal point but...

    I weighed in at about 179. Target weight is 174. I need to lose .357 lbs per week to lose 5 pounds in 14 weeks. So my target weight for next week is 178.643 lbs.


  6. I went to the gym! I took an aqua class. Me and the old ladies, rocking the swimming pool. Oh yes. On the upside of being in an old lady class? ADORABLE INSTRUCTOR. He's like one of those sexy waterpolo players from high school, all growed up, So I don't feel as dirty.

    No. I'm lying. I still feel dirty. He is HOT.


  7. Quin, you could learn a lot from Pork Chop.

    Wjackalope, I'm glad you're keeping track. Now I think negative reinforcement is the best way to lose weight. So, if you don't drop the 5 pounds, Pork Chop will eat you.

    Smartlikeatruck, if there were ever a place aqua instructor fan fiction...this is it!


  8. Anonymous Said,

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