Prince Gomolvilas: Kazoo Maestro!

Despite the fact that it is common knowledge that I have no talent when it comes to playing instruments (all that money wasted on electric guitar lessons could've been better spent on heroin), I have valiantly fought against my own mythology by (almost) mastering the kazoo. This is demonstrated in one of the new Jukebox Stories tracks that you're now able to stream for free on Facebook (be our fan!) and MySpace (be our friend!). "Park City Is Not L.A.," "Mixed-Up Modern Family," and "Help Me Get Paid to Talk About Myself" showcase Brandon Patton at his finest, the former song featuring me playing kazoo (almost) in key. These three tracks are also available, of course, on Jukebox Stories' debut album, The Official Bootleg, which is on CD and/or can be downloaded digitally.

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  1. Thank you for my iTune gift, Santa Craws!