Prince Gomolvilas Rule #734: New Event? New Tie!

I've been asked by PEN Center USA to be a presenter at its annual Literary Awards Festival, a fancy ceremony that's being held at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Wednesday night. Click the above photos to enlarge the invitation and see all the fabulous people who'll be there. (Elmore Leonard! Dustin Lance Black! Other writers who will shame me because I don't know who the hell they are!)

It's all rather serendipitous because I'll be presenting the award for Drama, an honor that I won in 2001 for The Theory of Everything, and I'll be handing it to friend and fellow blogger and playwright Marisela Trevino Orta, whose Braided Sorrow snagged the prize this year. I like Marisela because, when it comes to her playwriting career, she does everything I tell her to do, like win the PEN Award and come speak to my playwriting class tonight.

Anyway, this is all fine and good and exciting and everything, but the point of this post is I get to buy a new tie!

(And of course regular readers know that a fancy Hollywood parties post is forthcoming! Yay! Which celebrity will I try to embrace this time?)


  1. Oh, my God! How cool is this all around?

    I love that you get to go to a fancy Hollywood party! I love that you get to be a big, fancy presenter and I really, really love that your friend, Marisela Trevino Orta, is winning the same FABULOUS award you also won!

    Yay! You'd better be taking copious notes, Prince, because I want to hear every detail about a groovy literary event cleverly disguised as a Fancy Hollywood Party. (Or is this really the other way around?)

    I'd say "Lucky you," but, as anyone knows, luck is work. So -- Congrats.

  2. Are you the Joan Rivers of blogging? I love this most recent face lift for Bamboo Nation.
    Congrats to you, and to Marisela!
    Like Louise, I really love it, too.

  3. There's so much love here!

    I'm feeling warm in my fuzzy places! (Or do I feel fuzzy in my warm places?)