Thieves With Bad Vision Break Into a Bank

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, December 17, 2009
This funny and, dare I say, gross commercial from an eyeglass business in Thailand would never make it past U.S. censors, but it sure does get its point across, doesn't it? Watch:

[Thanks to Thailand, Land of Smiles.]
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  1. I had a friend who would fondly (and frequently) refer to his penis as the one-eyed yogurt spitting cyclops.


  2. wjackalope Said,

    that's disgusting (both the commercial and Michael's story)


  3. Donovan Said,

    In addition to being disgusting isn't "one-eyed yogurt spitting cyclops" also redundant?


  4. Donovan, I never said this friend was the brightest.

    Great guy, though.


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