Top Ten Bamboo Nation Blog Posts of 2009

It's time to revisit Bamboo Nation's greatest hits of 2009. According to Google Analytics, the following posts that were written in 2009 turned out to be the most widely read. See if you can spot some running themes....

Introducing the Grandview Topless Coffee Shop!, wherein a spunky new business in Maine marries coffee and boobs.

Are You as Afraid of Chinese People as Much as I Am? Apparently So, wherein we discover that people are scared shitless of Asians.

Prayer Cross Necklace Miraculously Reveals the Lord's Prayer!, wherein a serious commercial for religious jewelry makes me laugh hysterically (and people in the comments don't get why it's so damn funny!).

Channing Tatum Used to Be an Exotic Dancer! Shakes Naked Ass Cheeks!, wherein one of our favorite actor's lurid past comes to the light of day, thanks to the video revolution.

I Was at the United States of Tara Premiere and Ate Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, wherein I overlook an incredible spread in favor of childhood basics.

Stuffed Animal Porn, wherein plushophiles get their jollies off a TV commercial.

Dude Gets Caught Masturbating in His Car in Public, wherein a dude gets caught...well... you know the rest.


Hot Naked Swedish Dancing; or: Just Another Night of Primetime in Sweden [NSFW?], wherein a family show gets a load of ass.

Levi Johnston: Shirtless at Last!, wherein our favorite political figure shows a little skin for the first time.

70-Year-Old Porn Star Rocks Japan's Adult Industry, wherein we learn that you're never too old for anything.

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  1. I like reading posts that make my penis tingle. Write more of those. Oh, and include pictures.