Typewriters Are Funny

Back in my day, when I was a wee student in grade school and college, we didn't bring laptops to class the way many students do nowadays. We took notes the old-fashioned (and better) way—with paper and a pen, like civilized people! Hand hurt from writing too much? Well, boo fucking hoo! Education should hurt! However, I must give mad props to the student in the following video who marched into his college class, sat down, and whipped out a manual typewriter. Watch:

[Thanks to Superbadfriend.]


  1. Sadly, this is what passes for entertainment at the 10th Street Trade School (AKA Georgia Tech). Although, it could have been his response to getting mugged and his laptop stolen on campus.

  2. Typewriters are magnificent beasts - 1000 working parts, individual serial numbers, individual 'action' and feel and even how the typeface appears - a 7 lb Hermes Baby (made 1935-1970's) is the size of a laptop and produces beautiful pages anywhere, anytime. The Remington Noiseless (1930s) are almost silent. I have about sixty early to mid-century manuals, they're all a joy to write on. See collectors pages for lists of writers that only use typewriters....Cormac McCarthy, etc......

  3. Didn't Jeff Bridges kill someone with a typewriter in "Jagged Edge"?