"Avatar": "Pocahontas" in Space?

Some guy named Matt Bateman has drawn a delightful analogy between James Cameron's Avatar and Disney's Pocahontas. What he did was take the straightforward plot synopsis of Pocahontas and substituted that movie's character names with names from Avatar. Brilliant. Click to enlarge:

[Thanks to The Huffington Post.]


  1. A lot of parallels can certainly be drawn between Avatar and a slew of other films, such as The Last Samurai, Dances with Wolves, Pocahontas, etc. Once again, the "savage" natives are only saved because the courageous and powerful white man who joins their culture is the one who can defeat his own kind. Some may call it racist.

  2. I'd forgotten that the two cultures resolved their differences. For some reason I'd been thinking that one of them virtually wiped the other out and marched the few survivors to reservations. Thanks for the reminder, Disney!