Chocolate Powder Makes Love to Milk

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Loren bought me Dagoba hot chocolate, a fancy (borderline pretentious) drink mix that is Fair Trade Certified and that declares "Dagoba is dedicated to The Art of Chocolate Alchemy: transforming exceptional cacao into edible gold." All right, it's a bit over the top, but I'm fine with it.

The directions, however, enter the realm of the absurd: "We recommend slowly heating one cup of milk or milk alternative on the stove top while stirring continually until hot. When vapors rise, the milk will be at its most receptive to accept chocolate into its embrace."


Hey, I think drinking hot chocolate is sensual as much as the next guy, but I don't like the image of my chocolate powder making sweet love to my milk and leaving stray love juices in my drink.

Anyway, Dagoba hot chocolate is very good and very chocolatey, and I have decided that the company should send me free products so I can review them here while making fun of the text on their packaging. How about it, Dagoba?!

(I swear, I think the only reason Loren bought me this in the first place is because the name of the product reminds him of Dagobah, that Star Wars planet. Dork.)
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  1. Did he buy it in a store? I do not enjoy waiting for internet packages when food is involved. Books and movies are nice to wait for, food and clothes are gimmenow! products.

    Trader Joe's used to carry this crazy awesome Mexican Hot Chocolate mix. And then they stopped, so I stopped shopping there. FICKLE


  2. I think he got it from Whole Foods, though I'm not sure I would buy the unsweetened next time. It seems like so much work to put in your own sugar....


  3. I guess someone has a lucrative career writing cooking instructions.


  4. Jess Said,

    Dagoba is very very good, but Schokinag Drinking Chocolate is amaaaaaaaazing.


  5. With all due respect, to baristas everywhere, I think Starbucks hot chocolate tastes kind of tastes like burnt Hershey's bars.

    Give me Swiss Miss with those tiny, hard marshmallows any day. Or free wine.


  6. wjackalope Said,

    yeah I agree that starbucks hot chocolate is mediocre. And Swiss miss is surprisingly awesome.


  7. Remember when Starbucks had that "drinking chocolate", Chantico, back in aught four? I would have killed kittens for that stuff. And I LOVE kittens.


  8. Okay, I have to say that I like Swiss Miss too. I know it's just a bunch of (I assume) artificial powder and water, but damn it goes down easy.


  9. lately nicole has been on a hot coco kick and i found the best - according to her - that i make is when i use milk heated in our stovetop milk steamer (that i have for my coffee) and add hershey's syrup.

    now if i could only get that image of my aunt and her boyfriend with the syrup out of my head that my brother and sister all too vividly described to me...


  10. Jess Said,

    Prince! Try Shokinag! I'll even make you homemade marshmallows to drop into it. mmmmmmm

    Ugh, the Chiantico made me gain like ten pounds. Who knew it was the equivalent to drinking molten candy bars?


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