Comments Fixed?

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, January 12, 2010
I just got word from Smart Like a Truck that Bamboo Nation's commenting feature hasn't been working properly for everybody ever since the new blog redesign, so you may have been unable to enter this morning's contest or to leave comments about any number of things that demand commenting. I think I figured out a temporary fix, so could you please try commenting again to see if it works now? Thanks.
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  1. Jess Said,

    TESTING. Hello? Helloooooooooooo?


  2. i guess i should have said something to you too, but i figured it was just user error on my part.

    - that said, it's still a bit buggy.


  3. Aaron, what's buggy about it? I will investigate.


  4. Your blog is just getting WAY too fabulous, these day, I mean, Jeezus! You're killing us, Larry!

    What?! Your blog can now even suggest other posts the reader "may also like?!!" Get out of here!

    Come on! What's next? I may have to punch you in the stomach if you don't stop adding more fancy stuff all the time.

    Have you ever considered adopting children? That way you'd finally be too busy to keep kicking our assses with your killer ninja blogging skills.


  5. Jess Said,

    So far your blog has told me that I need to buy lockets and lose the belly fat. It also told me I needed to get Nexus One.


  6. wjackalope Said,

    I was going to email you to ask about this but I never got around to it. Yay for problems fixing themselves without my intervention!


  7. I want that drill!

    - prince the buggy bit is that unless i am logged into blogger i get an error message when i select that i want to comment as Google Account: then i have to select it again.


  8. in short, its a bit better now, but it took me 3 reloads of the page to get that last comment posted.


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