"Donovan and the Vast Ancient Conspiracy": Behind the Scenes (With Prince Gomolvilas and Pork Chop)

A few weeks ago, I was on the set of Donovan and the Vast Ancient Conspiracy, a six-episode postmodern adventure series written and directed by Gabriel Fleming (The Lost Coast) and starring Donovan Keith. I have a small role in Episode Five (another IMDb credit!), and I decided to break out my flip cam to capture some behind-the-scenes footage, which includes a very brief but very special cameo by Pork Chop. While I didn't always know where to point the camera, especially when I supposed to be speaking into it, I hope you enjoy my little documentary anyway! Watch:

["Donovan and the Vast Ancient Conspiracy": Behind the Scenes on YouTube.]

By the way, the film that I mention in the video, Laundromat, can be seen for free online by going here.


  1. Hilarious!

    Btw. I happen to be in love with David Niven, even if he has been dead for decades.

  2. Cute hair. But you're still a dork. :)

  3. Louise, I'm happy somebody got my David Niven reference.

    JTerry, right back at you!