Interpret This Dream

Some nights ago, Gabriel had a dream and I was in it. He explains in an e-mail to me (reprinted here with his permission):

You told me that you had some exciting news. You had just run into Arnold Sevrant Lee—a celebrity I didn't know, but who you explained was in Spike Lee's early films (because he was Spike's cousin) and was now known for playing an Urkel-type character in sitcoms. You knew him from some theater blah-blah years ago. As you're telling me this, I'm noticing your hair, how it's grown out a bit into kind of a 'fro, and then I realize that you're black and I'm looking at you, talking and thinking, "Why didn't I ever notice Prince was black before?" You're excited because this guy Arnold has told you about a position in a large theater company in Denver. They're seeking an Executive Director, and you think you'll get the job. I'm like, "That's great: Artistic Director." And you say, "No: Executive Director." And I'm like, "Wait. Are you even qualified for that job? Don't you need an MBA or something?"

Okay, dream-interpretation experts, have at it!

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