Michael DeAntonio in the Flesh (Kind Of)

Did you know that Bamboo Nation's favorite North Carolinian, Michael DeAntonio, who I have been sexually harassing for a year and a half now, is now making video blogs? Yes, he's using the kind of shitty camera that gives his videos an amateur-porn look. He, unfortunately, doesn't take off his clothes or anything, but the amateur-porn quality of the video is all that's needed to get me worked up. Anyway, for those of you whose concept of Michael has been confined to his written words, the following video shows how hot, charming, and funny he is in the actual flesh. I especially enjoy his letter to to Joy Behar at the 2:37 mark, even if it does reaffirm his heterosexuality, which is a step backward in my opinion since I've been trying to gay-educate him. Watch:


  1. "People don't eat their own poop unless they're really hungry."

    Truer words have never been spoken. And Mike, if you do get to see Joy Behar's bajingo, take a picture and share please. That kind of beauty should be shared with the whole world.

  2. My dog does NOT eat his own poop, thank God!

  3. John- I will definitely take a picture for you.

    Louise- Your dog hides it. Just like a teenager with a bag of pot hidden between the matresses. Check there. You'll probably find poop.

  4. Also, the camera isn't shitty. It just looked shitty once I uploaded it to Youtube.