One Angry Brother, His Sister's BJ List, and Facebook

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, January 11, 2010
This can be seen as an incredibly cruel prank, but, man, oh, man, is it hilarious. An Asian-American teenager (?) gets busted after his sister tells their parents about the 12-pack of beer that he's hiding in his room. He decides to get his revenge by posting his sister's "hook-up list" on Facebook and tag all the guys she's given blowjobs and handjobs to. Click the image to enlarge:

Some questions and thoughts:
  • What's the "deadline" all about?
  • "Maybe HJ"?! How do you not know if you've given someone a handjob?!
  • What's a "V-Card"?
  • I agree. Haircuts are nice.
Yes, I feel guilty for laughing. But nothing cures guilt faster than a good laugh.

[Thanks to Howard Ho and Peter Varvel.]
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1 Comment

  1. wjackalope Said,

    The following is the comment I was going to post when I first read this, but the website was screwy, so I saved the comment in a document so I could later post it, which is what I'm now doing:

    "V-Card means virginity, right? I think the list was a plan, which is why she put "maybe HJ" as in, she might give them an HJ. The ones that are crossed out I presume are the guys she's hooked up with. Pretty hilarious."


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