One Angry Brother, His Sister's BJ List, and Facebook

This can be seen as an incredibly cruel prank, but, man, oh, man, is it hilarious. An Asian-American teenager (?) gets busted after his sister tells their parents about the 12-pack of beer that he's hiding in his room. He decides to get his revenge by posting his sister's "hook-up list" on Facebook and tag all the guys she's given blowjobs and handjobs to. Click the image to enlarge:

Some questions and thoughts:
  • What's the "deadline" all about?
  • "Maybe HJ"?! How do you not know if you've given someone a handjob?!
  • What's a "V-Card"?
  • I agree. Haircuts are nice.
Yes, I feel guilty for laughing. But nothing cures guilt faster than a good laugh.

[Thanks to Howard Ho and Peter Varvel.]

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  1. The following is the comment I was going to post when I first read this, but the website was screwy, so I saved the comment in a document so I could later post it, which is what I'm now doing:

    "V-Card means virginity, right? I think the list was a plan, which is why she put "maybe HJ" as in, she might give them an HJ. The ones that are crossed out I presume are the guys she's hooked up with. Pretty hilarious."