Polish Man Hugs and Kisses His Pet Lion After Triumphant Court Hearing

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, January 28, 2010
After a court ruled that he could keep his 10-month-old lion cub in his house, a Polish man expresses his joy with hugs and kisses. This is cute and all, but I just hope that lion never gets really hungry. Watch:

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  1. Patty Hose Said,

    I'm sure the next news story about him will be after he's eaten. Remember the guy with his tiger in his New York City apartment?



  2. Anonymous Said,

    0:34 tells you what's really going on.


  3. Looks like you and Pork Chop.


  4. Just rewatched the clip.

    Seriously. If I had a cub this cute I wouldn't even care if it bit me, I'd still hug and snuggle with it.

    There is nothing on this planet cuter than a lion cub. Nothing. God, they're so damn adorable.

    I want one right now.


  5. wjackalope Said,

    where in the world did he get this lion in the first place. and why? Why can't he just get a regular cat like everyone else?


  6. Jess Said,

    A little lick here and there. This can't end well.


  7. Holy crap! Did everyone read Patty Hose's link? Yup, give the animal a few years, and it's gonna get human hungry!


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