A Purse-Carrying Chimp Pokes at a Statue's Penis, Buys a Cake, Gets Chased by Bulldogs Wearing Backpacks, and Watches a Bird Steal the Cake

With a post headline like that, you just know that we're going to visit the wonderfully bizarre world of Japanese television. I swear I watched that chimp poke that penis like six times, and I laughed hysterically every single time. Anyway, all the wackiness builds to a suspenseful climax. Will the adorable ape get to have his cake and eat it too? Or will he be thwarted by the bulldogs? Or the angry bird? Watch:

By the way, today I had to look up the difference between chimps and monkeys.


  1. that's not really the best answer, as it doesn't make clear the fact that chimpanzees are an ape - a great ape in fact, members of the Hominidae family (along with Gorillas, Orangutans, and Humans), whereas monkeys are in a different parvorder.

  2. You should update that wiki page--it's a wiki page!