"Vivid, Unusual, or Strange Dreams" Redux--Watch This NOW Before They Pull It Again

Those of you who tried to watch the quit smoking commercial that I posted yesterday were greeted with a YouTube page that announced that the video was set to "private." Apparently, the makers of the drug don't like people like me making fun of their ad. Oh, but I must because it's so goddamn funny! Anyway, I found the same commercial elsewhere, so try watching it now. Again, I can't embed it, so go to this link or click the picture:

[Thanks to Andrea Apuy.]


  1. Am I missing something? This ad wasn't funny to me. Is it the vivid, unusual, or strange dreams line?

  2. Seriously? I thought the seemingly endless disclaimer was hysterical.

    Perhaps you have to be in a Susan Boyle state of mind.

  3. Prince I don't know what's happening here this week - I can't seem to get into any of this stuff! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME!

  4. Except for the idiocy of putting the entire disclaimer in the ad, that's the same boilerplate as ALL of the anti-depressant universe.

    And I have to say... the vivid dreams in the first ten days are almost a reason TO take the drug...

  5. Wjackalope, ah, well, it's a new week, and perhaps you're not so grumpy. :)

    Travis, I know. Chantix sounds like a hell of a good time (as long as you don't kill yourself first).