Yeah, I'm Listening to Susan Boyle--So What?

In the Bullseye section of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, they ask this about Susan Boyle: "If she's sold 2.4 million albums, how come we don't know anyone who's heard it?" Well, it's because all your friends are music snobs who spend their days clutching on to the hope that Bjork will release a comprehensive multi-disc collection of B-sides, outtakes, and screaming sounds, and they won't dare admit that they've listened to Boyle's full-length debut, I Dreamed a Dream, and actually thought it was good.

Well, I'm not afraid or too snobby to admit it. I've been listening to the Susan Boyle album for weeks. You know why? This woman can sing. I know that there's a whole mythology around her that may positively influence my appreciation of her, but what are music artists except for songs, performances, and mythology?

I will be the first to pass on her cover of The Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses," but she belts out excellent interpretations of the jazz standard, "Cry Me a River"; The Monkees' "Daydream Believer"; Madonna's "You'll See"; and, of course, "I Dream a Dream" from Les Miz. My favorite track is the album's only original, titled, "Who I Was Born to Be," which had an interesting genesis. The lyrics were penned by 25-year-old singer-songwriter Audra Mae, born in Oklahoma and now living on Los Angeles, where her star is rapidly rising because of the Boyle song and a just-released EP.

Listen to the beautiful and stirring "Who I Was Born to Be." And admit it—it's good!:


  1. I'll be honest. I listened to that song, and it really didn't do it for me. It was kinda boring.

  2. But...but...but...she is who she is born to be! But...but...but!

    All right, fine, go back to your Phish album.

  3. I am listening to the Glee soundtrack like, non-freaking-stop. I have not seen the show, the cds were a birthday gift.

    I feel no shame, and while I'm sure the show is as woooooooonderful as everyone says, I just like it cause it sounds good. And so does Susan Boyle. She got a lucky break that NEVER would have come her way if it weren't for the internets. Good for her, and screw those music snobs.

    There is a reason that humans have been listening to the same darn folk music for hundreds of years. Grumpgrumpgrump.

  4. British matey1/07/2010

    Prince I'm a convert. I was a music snob until my mother requested the damn album for a Christmas present, and then I was forced to listen to it non-stop as it blared through the house until I escaped in the New Year. But by then I'd kinda grown to appreciate her and I don't care what you say, she does not have the best voice in the world but she's really great on the easy listening front and now I do enjoy the album. Maybe you should lock dissenters up and force feed them SB music until they cave too?! I like the Wild Horses cover though! That's one of my faves. Did you see her sing with Elaine Paige? I thought it was great that she'd finally managed to fill her dream.......Awwww......

  5. Oh I'm no music snob, and I think she's a good singer. And I'm sure that if I listened to that whole whole album I would enjoy a lot of it - I just didn't love that one song. I thought it was boring.

    But I love Glee and the CDs are pretty great.

  6. British Matey, well, I guess I never did like "Wild Horses" in the first place in any form, so maybe that's why I don't dig it on Susan's album. But I'm down with everything else--even the hardcore Jesus stuff!

    Wjackalope, well, you see, you're listening to it wrong! You have to put on a cape and then lip sync to it in front of a mirror!

  7. I don't know, Prince, you're sounding a little defensive to me.

  8. Anonymous1/24/2010

    Ok, I admit it, it's good. It's very, very good.
    I really love her voice, there's something very different and special about it.
    I really hope that she'll do a lot more albums, I'll be first in line to buy them.

  9. Anonymous1/25/2010

    Her voice has a different, raw quality that is captivating. Also has power. Everything about her, including her voice, just seems real.