The Cat Who Ate Pork Chop

For the last time, Pork Chop is not fat. As you will see in the following video, this cat in Japan is fat! Yup, this feline is as "Precious" as they come. Since the clip is a little on the long side (man, Japanese TV programmers have a lot of time to fill), let me give you a few highlights: the cat gets weighed and comes in at a whopping 12.06 kg (26.59 lbs.) at the 0:23 mark; has its girth measured at 0:34; hangs out with ceramic animals at 0:53; unsuccessfully tries to scratch itself at 1:16; attempts the treadmill at 2:32; is subjected to utter humiliation at 3:41; gets stuck in a baby toy at 4:17; and watches bubbles at 4:39. Watch:

[Thanks to Superbadfriend.]


  1. That's mean to let a cat get that huge.

  2. Anonymous2/26/2010

    Pork Chop is even fatter. There's only one way for you to disprove that dis--a Pork Chop video!!!